SKF Solar Solutions

Tracking a star to power a planet

SKF Solar Hub enables solar panels to accurately track the sun and increase solar power generation.

SKF have announced the availability of the SKF Solar Hub, a rotary drive that provides the necessary mechanical movement and torque to allow the solar panels to track the sun from sunrise to sundown to maximize solar power generation.

SKF Solar Hub is designed to custom solar industry requirements and offers improvements over the traditional slew drives used in the industry today. Virtually maintenance free, the SKF Solar Hub design and materials provide improved reliability and enhanced sealing capabilities to extend service life, says Mahdi Sebti, Global Business Development Manager, SKF Renewable Energy.

SKF Solar Hub integrates a self-locking gearbox, bearings, optimized lubricant, robust seal design in an IP 65 rated sealed housing for excellent performance in severe outdoor conditions. The improved sealing technology minimizes grease loss to improve reliability and reduce environmental contamination. Designed to be a bolt-in solution, installation requires minimal time to install in the field.

In operation the SKF Solar Hub features provide minimal backlash, higher positioning accuracy and high load and torque capabilities, all contributing to positioning speed and efficiency, in a small footprint.

Also shown to the right is the SKF Solar Linear Actuator. SKF Solar Linear Actuators integrate a screw with gearbox, motor, bearings, lubricant, seals, limit switches, hall sensors and a circuit board all of which are protected in a sealed housing for optimal performance even in extreme conditions.

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