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About Micro Tools & Machineries

As an SKF Authorised Distributor, Micro Tools & Machineries is your access to the world leader in technology of rolling bearings, power transmission and lubrication solutions. We supply productsto all types of industry, large or small.

Our Company

Micro Tools and Machineries is the authorized distributor of SKF in Bangladesh. The company was founded in 1976 and started operating as the SKF distributor from 1987. At the time, the objective of the company was to meet customer needs by combining the expertise of well trained sales staff and maintaining a large inventory. Nevertheless, the consumers demand for a wide range of correlated bearing products from a reliable source has encouraged the founder to steer the company into diversification. The company is now distributing SKF lubrication, Seals, Power Transmission Products, Bearing Maintenance Tools and solution in parallel with bearings. Our instantaneous customer services along with SKF products make our customer’s business more efficient, competitive and profitable.

“Working closely with the Customer” -This ideology of Micro Tools & Machineries helps to build a loyal relationship between the customer and the company. Moreover keeping in close touch allows fast and efficient product updates to the end users. For an example, Micro Tools & Machineries is the first company in Bangladesh to distribute innovative and efficient product like SKF energy efficiency bearing.

Our Location

We are situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh, right in the heart of all types of industries in the Bangladesh. We have customers from one end of the country to the other and our central location means our national distribution can be as quick as an overnight delivery.

With passion and expertise, Micro Tools & Machineries is always implementing exciting and positive changes to continue delivering excellent service, problem solving and quality product to you.

Dhaka Branch : 78 & 219-220, Nawabpur Road, Dhaka-1100
CTG. Branch : 41, Sadarghat Road, Chattogram, 01933355309
Corporate Office : H# 3 / 7, Block: A, N.S. Road, Banasree, Rampura, Dhaka


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Who We Are ?

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Our Values

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Our Mission

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