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SKF Lincoln Lubrication Systems

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SKF Lincoln Lubrication Systems

At our center, we ensure to building a perfect lubrication system for your engines which can help in several ways

  • There will be a reduction in friction because of a film of lubricant on the metal surface acting as a barrier. The liquid friction is much lesser, prevents heating and abrasion to the surface, thus reducing wear and tear.
  • Heat is created during friction; this heat has to escape by either absorption or release. If this doesn’t happen, the system can be damaged or malfunction at some point. Different kinds of oils are used in the combustion engine
    • Rolling oils
    • Cutting oils
    • Lubricating oils
  • Lubrication allows for minimum contact on a specific line or surface so that the increased load coupled with friction is distributed evenly and prevent the wearing out in certain parts and disperses the load on all parts equally.


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